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  1. We talk on the phone or you contact me.  You may have a site already or be interested in a new site.  We make an appointment to meet in person or for another phone meeting.  I may give you “homework.” in the form of a questionnaire. 
  2. EXPLORING SOLUTIONS – We sit down to a meeting and get to know each other by exploring your vision for your website. This takes approximately thirty minutes to an hour. We come up with ideas and focus on what is most important to you and how my services can help your site work well as a tool to represent you and your business and bring in more business. At the end of this meeting, you and I will know if we are to work together. 
  3. Let’s say we decide to move forward. We have another meeting to hammer out the plan and some details for the Statement of Work/Contract.  I will present a menu, options and recommendations for your site.  



  • New Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • New Color Pallet
  • New Logo
  • Content Writing or Editing
  • Stock Photos
  • Videos
  • Flash Movies
  • Animation
  • Interactivity/Buttons
  • Special Navigation Look and Feel
  • Professional Photographer
  • Slide Shows
  • Gallery
  • WordPress or html
  • Font Preferences
  • Existing Template or New Template?
  • Landing Page
  • SSL Certificate Needed?
  • Specialized Plugins



  • Social Media: Facebook, Linked-In, Google Plus
  • Newsletter Options
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pop Up Ad
  • Forms – Fill Out Online pdfs
  • Shopping Cart




 Content & Design

We will review your content.  If you are unsure how to present your information, we can work together and outline your site from the ground up.

Once we are clear on what you need for your site then I generate a contract.  For example, if you are selling things on your site, you will need a shopping cart.  That will go into the contract.

After the contract is completed and signed, I will move forward and wireframe (a visual outline) your site.

We move on to the design and develop a color pallet.  When this is in place, I build the site around the pallet and the logo. 

(lauren lusana design provides copywriting, though you may want to write your own or hire a copywriter.)


I can give you a quote after we have discussed the amount of content on your site.

I also work on an hourly basis. The fee will be discussed and explained. It usually works out to $75/hour or approximately $100/page.